Our main research areas are listed below. The common approach lies in the study of the microstructural effects and their influence on the functional properties. In order to meet these objectives, we have progressively purchased or developed a wide panel of synthesis and characterization systems (see Equipment page). We gratefully acknowledge financial support from our academic, institutional or industrial partners (University of Liège, Walloon Region, Belspo, FNRS-FRS, ERM,…)

photovoltaic cellOxide films for photovoltaics, water splitting, electrochromism,...

Researchers: C. Henrist, J. Dewalque, A. Maho, L. Manceriu, A. Bharwal, S. Periyannan

Films of transition metal oxides are prepared and tested for applications as electrodes in photo-active systems. Soft-templating techniques or hydrothermal treatment in presence of directing agents are used to confer high surface areas to the oxide films.

silica lamellaMaterials for Li-ion batteries

Researchers: F. Boschini, A. Mahmoud, C. Karegeya, N. Eshragi, C. Piffet, T. Jungers, T. Costanza, L. Berardo

Various materials and microstructures (powders and films) are tested as electrodes for lithium-ion and sodium-ion batteries.

perovskite structureFunctional polycrystalline oxides (magnetoresistive manganites, thermoelectric oxides, high-temperature superconductors)

Researchers: B. Vertruyen, E. Combe, S. Caubergh

Electroceramics are prepared as sintered pellets or as thick films by various synthesis methods. The influence of the structure and microstructure is studied by measuring the magnetic/electrical/thermal properties.

cruciblesPowder technology

Researchers: F. Boschini, A. Dellicour, M. Valentin

This research area concerns mainly the characterization and optimization of the granulometry and flowability of powders (including pharmaceutical excipients), the stabilisation of powder suspensions and the optimization of densification behaviour during sintering.

Valorization of by-products - Recycling - Air/water pollution

Researchers: A. Schrijnemakers, N. Eshraghi